The Office of Undergraduate Admissions welcomes applications from interested students across the country and the world.  All candidates for admission should submit the Georgetown Application and Application Supplement, regardless of country of citizenship, immigration status, where the student resides or attends high school.

Please note that all information provided on the application is confidential. Therefore, undocumented students should feel comfortable providing as much information as possible on the application forms. Immigration status does not have an impact on the admissions process.  

Our admissions process is need-blind (applying for financial aid is not a factor) and this policy applies to all applicants: U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, foreign citizens, and undocumented students.

In the event you, your parents, or college counselor have any questions about the admissions process, please contact our office at 202-687-3600 and speak to one of our admissions officers. Alternatively, you may submit your question(s) by email to Mr. Jaime BriseƱo, Senior Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment, at

Undergraduate Admissions

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