Academic Advising

The academic advisors of Georgetown College, School of Foreign Service, McDonough School of Business and School of Nursing and Health Studies are all supporters of undocumented students.  The Advising Deans and advisors in all these units are aware of the particular issues facing undocumented students and are prepared to support these students.  (There will soon be particular individuals in each school trained to assist undocumented students.  These names will be posted once their training is complete.)

The advisors are also available to direct you to other resources on campus not directly tied to academic advising.

Academic records and privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law that requires institutions to maintain the confidentiality of student education records, subject to the exceptions outlined below. Georgetown University accords to all its students all rights under this law. No one outside the institution shall have access to students’ educational records nor will Georgetown disclose any information from these records without the written consent of students except: (1) to personnel within the institution, (2) to persons or organizations providing student financial aid, (3) to accrediting agencies carrying out their accreditation function, (4) to persons in compliance with a judicial order or a lawfully issued subpoena (provided that the University will first make a reasonable attempt to notify the student), (5) to organizations conducting studies to develop, validate, and administer predictive tests; to administer student aid programs; or to improve instruction, (6) to authorized representatives of federal or state government agencies for the purpose of audit and evaluation of government programs, (7) to persons in an emergency in order to protect the health or safety of students or other persons, and (8) to parents of a dependent student as defined in the Internal Revenue Code.